Package substation


Skipper Package Substation (PSS) is a state-of-the-art system which simplifies conventional substation design.
• Rodent-resistant
• Enclosure comprises of three compartments i.e. HV, Transformer and LV

Skipper designs PSS as per specific customer requirements with power handling capacity ranging from 200kVA to 1600 kVA  at 11/ 33kV primary voltage level.

Stringent quality checks on Skipper make PSS ensures a world-class quality product.

Salient Features
  • Compact in construction, occupies less floor space
  • Designed for unmanned operation with assess control features built-in
  • Easy to operate and maintain
  • Heating due to solar radiation is minimised by double skin roof with slanted top. Specially designed ventilation opening facilitates air circulation for enhanced cooling
  • Type tested for IP 53, 23, 33 as per IEC: 62271-202 & IEC: 60529
  • Type tested for Internal arc as per IEC: 62271-202 & IEC: 60529.
HV Compartment – Switching Options and Devices
  • Available with two options i.e. RMU with VCB or RMU with Load Break Switch

• Skipper’s design is based on a reliable vacuum circuit breaker with a self-powered over current protection system, in place of switch-fuse-switch combination.

The RMU based PSS design is tested as per  IEC: 62271-100, IEC: 60298 & IEC: 60694 standards

LV Compartment – Distribution Options and Devices

The Low Voltage Distribution Board (LVDB) is connected to transformer’s LV bushing. The LVDB is available in the following variants as per customer requirements:

  • MCCB and ACB
  • LV fuse switch units
  • Instrumentation and metering
  • Load feeders
  • Power factor improvement units
Transformer Compartment

The PSS incorporates Skipper make Distribution Transformer (Oil cooled or Dry type) which is designed

designed as per IEC: 6007/ IS: 2026 specifications. The transformer compartment is rodent-resistant, allows

maximum ventilation and prevents ingress of dust or its accumulation in the door cavities

Connection between Compartments

Specially designed Elastamould/Porcelain HV bushings provide complete safety of equipment.

The connection between transformer and RMU is made with XLPE insulated

cable of suitable design to carry rated power continuously.