Skipper Nigeria Ltd. has successfully executed EPC projects in the field of Transmission lines and Substation up to 132 KV for Power Holding Company of Nigeria (PHCN), Transmission Company of Nigeria (TCN), National Integrated Power Projects (NIPP) and Private Industrialsector. With more than 15 years of on-ground presence in Nigeria, Skipper Nigeria Ltd is well versed with local operating conditions and is ideally suited to execute high value projects and manage Distribution Company.

    • First foreign investor to bring revolutionary changes in the production of various equipment and accessories for the Power sector in Nigeria.
    • Started Local manufacturing of Metering units which were supplied and installed at various sites throughout Nigeria. This concept was widely appreciated as it turned out to be a resource for earning more revenue for PHCN. It has also helped PHCN to efficiently monitor consumption pattern and conduct Energy Auditing & Planning for the entire country.
    • Pioneered concepts of Mobile Substation, Mobile Testing and Conditional Monitoring Van to provide a new dimension and strength to the existing system.
    • Setting up of African Headquarters of Skipper Energy Division in Abuja has built solidarity and trust between Skipper and Nigeria. Our investments have brought stability to the system and created more job opportunities in Nigeria.
    • Skipper Nigeria has diversified into Power Generation and was awarded 35 MW Hydro Power Plants in Kano state.
    • Skipper NIgeria is opening a chain of showrooms for other branded and skipper make Substation, Rural and Solar range of products soon across Nigeria.
    • Our workforce, ideology and proactive approach keep us ahead of the Industry.

We are determined to harness the talent of Nigerian workforce through training and exposure at the global front, by giving them key roles and responsibilities. Currently the Company is employing more than 400 Nigerians directly or indirectly and is also contributing for well been of the society.


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