Skipper has been manufacturing excellent quality high voltage disconnecting switches for last two decades for its esteemed clientage including electricity boards, utilities, industrial units and public sector undertakings and others. With best performance results in an electrical circuit disconnection for service or maintenance, the Skipper Isolating Switches are highly preferred in electrical distribution and industrial applications by electricity boards and industrial units.

In addition, Skipper has been exporting disconnecting switches upto 220kV various countries. The switches are tested at approved labs for high short circuit currents as per IS/IEC standards.


The Skipper Disconnecting Switches are rigorously manufactured according to industry norms, standards and client specifications. They are made with and without earth switches with mechanical/electrical interlocks, manual or motorized operated mechanism, having capacity to interrupt line charging currents. Some of the salient features of Skipper Disconnecting Switches follow as:-

  • The current carrying parts are made of electrolytic grade copper.
  • The arcing horns ensure that main contacts remain safe during opening and closing operations and give a longer life to the switch.
  • The metal parts are surface treated for protection against rust.
  • The load disconnecting switches are made in horizontal, vertical, single break, double break, and center break models.
  • These switches are preferred for rural and urban electrification at distant places and have been successfully installed in countries in African continent and several locations in India.