LV Panel

Main Distribution Board

Skipper MDBs are ASTA certified as per IEC-60439-1 upto 2500A. The Design is incorporated to cater all requirements / specifications of UAE utility departments viz DEWA, SEWA, ADWEA, FEWA etc.

The Skipper MDB Construction of enclosures are form 2 type with IP 54 degree of protection.

The cubicle is suitable for both front and rear access. The galvanised sheets are subjected to .

chemical treatment before application of powder coating to ensure excellent corrosion resistance. The standard colour of the paint is RAL 7032.

Draw Out Motor Control Centre

Draw Out Motor Control Centre is a free standing, floor mounted switchboard available both in single front and double front versions and suitable for indoor installations each Bus-Bar section is divided into distinct zones for Bus-Bars, Feeder Power Cabling and auxiliary Bus-Bars.

The compartment houses modules for individual feeders comprising MCCB I S Contractors, Relays, Timers and Associated Auxiliary Equipments Compartments have variable heights allowing upto 20 feeders in a vertical section. The modules have four distinct positions: Services, Test Isolated and Maintenance.

Each module is operated through a racking handle for smooth operation. Automatic safety shutters are provided as a standard for safety purposes. Control contacts are sliding type and are totally shrouded to have better degree of protection.

Feeder Pillar

Ratings: upto 2000 Amp
Incomer: Switch Fuse Units, Isolators Vertical Strip, Fuse-ways etc.
Outgoing: Vertical / Horizontal Switch Fuse Units upto size 3, Vertical Strip Fuse Ways upto size 3
Fuse Links: DIN Type, size 0 to size 3
Metering: Optional Voltmeter, Ammeter Energy Meter and Maximum Demand indicators
Enclosures: Sheet, Steel, Glass Reinforced plastic conforming to different classes compliance with BSEN/IEC 60439-1
Copper used is of hard drawn high conductivity type specially imported from Europe.
Ingress Protection Class: IP54/66
Construction: Form-2

Automatic Power Factor Correction Panels

Automatic Power Factor Correction Panels upto 1400 KVAR are manufactured in compliance with BSEN/IEC60439-1 international standards.

Contactors used in capacitor bank circuits are suitable for capacitor

switching duty which can withstand large transient current peaks at high frequencies. The contactors have an operational life of 100,000 switching conditions. The contactors comply to IEC-947-4-1.

Three phase high rapture capacity fuses are provided for each capacitor step. Fuses used are of modern industrial design with current limiting capacity of 100KA.

Sub Main Distribution Switchboards

Sub Main Distribution Boards rated upto 800A comply to BSEN/IEC 60439-1 international standards.
Construction: Form 2
Bus-Bar systems used are of Hard Drawn High Conductivity (HDHC) tinned copper imported from Europe.
Tin-Plated copper Bus-Bars are fully braced and supported.
Routine tests are conducted on all Submain Distribution Boards according to IEC60349-1 Sub-Clauses 8.3.1,8.3.2,8.3.3,8.3.4.

Electrical Characterstics

  • Rated Insulation Voltage: 1000V/660V.
  • Rated Impulse withstand voltage: 8 KV
  • Rated Operational Voltage: 380/400/415 V, 3 Phase
  • Rated Current: upto 800A
  • Rated Short-Circuit Current: 35KA for 1 sec.
  • Rated Peak withstand current: 41.1 KA
  • Rated Frequency: 50 Hz
  • Earthing System: TNS


  • Petrochemical Industries
  • Desalination Plants
  • Power Stations
  • Residential/Commercial Complexes
  • Oil & Gas Industries
Final Distribution Board

Final Distribution Boards rated upto 250A comply to BSEN/IEC60439-3 international standards and fulfill local authority regulations and requirements.

Bus-Bar mounting systems allow easy interchangeability of switching devices and give total protection from live parts.

Comb Bus-Bars used for interconnection of MCBs, ELCBs are suitable for loadsupto 120A (500V) in compliance with IEC 664. Comb Bus-Bars are available in pin-type and fork-type models.

Available for single and three phase distribution.

Ease in installation, operation and maintenance.
Routine tests are carried out on all distribution boards as per IEC60439-1.

L.V. Distribution Feeder Pillar

Rated 125A, 3 Phase, 415V, 50Hz as per IEC 60947.
Powder coated sheet steel enclosure.
With IP 55 protection
Canopy / Rain shed provided.
High conductivity Bus-Bars used.
Complete with HRC Fuse Links, Fuse Base and mandatory earthing.

L.V. Metering Panel

Ranging from 100A upto 800A, 415V, 50Hz, 3 Phase
Powder coated sheet steel / GRP (Fire Proof) enclosure with canopy / rain shed.
IP 54 degree of protection.
Complete with Trivector meter (displaying upto 250 parameters), suitable Bus-Bars, class 0.5 CTs as per the ratio of the panel rating.
Viewing window with toughened glass.
Corrosion proof pad locking arrangements for utility departments to avoid tempering.
Load Centres / Distribution Board

Ratings: 100A, SPN/TPN
Type : Isolator, ELCB or Combined, 4 ways to ways in TPN and upto 16 ways in SPN 10 and split Bus-Bar Type.
Incoming: Isolator / ELCB or any other combination.
Outgoing: MCB SP/TP or RCDs suitable for requisite fault level.
Protection Class: IP 30 / IP 42