Mobile Capacitor Banks

SKIPPER has successfully executed World Bank funded contract for Nigerian Power System. Skipper has supplied 33KV, 20MVAR, Mobile Capacitor Banks to the Power Holding Company of Nigeria (PHCN) for National Energy Development Project spread across Nigeria.

These innovatively designed Capacitor Banks has improved Power Factor of PHCN Grid and has provided 20% to 30% saving in power by Reactive Power Compensation as power saved is power generated. These units can be shifted from one place to another as per the requirement with negligible dismantling, as the same have been designed to be mounted on trailers within a short time.

The Capacitor Units are made of Switching Module, Capacitor Module and L.V. Control Module. Each Capacitor bank consists of 36 Nos 448 KVAR rated poly propylene capacitors and 3 nos 237.24 KVAR Dry type epoxy resin impregnated series Reactors. The switching module has 33 KV VCB, CTs, VTs and L.As (for protection against lightning surges) While the LV control module has Relay & Control Panel, 110 volt Battery, Battery Charger AC & DC Distribution Boards.

The capacitor assembly can be mounted on an air suspension type steel frame trailer as well

as on ground with proper weight, capacity and uniform weight distribution. Brakes, wheels, axles and landing-gear are all sized in accordance to application.

The Complete system has been designed, protected and assembled by state of the art protective Relays which provides protection against short circuit over current, earth faults, over voltage, under voltage and capacitor unbalance voltage. The designs were approved by M/s Tractabel, Belgium and each lot was witnessed for critical test and inspected before dispatch clearance was given by Tractabel.