Polymeric Insulators

Skipper manufactures new generation Polymeric Insulators using the best silicon rubber available in the world. The silicon rubber has been designed to withstand an extensive range of weather vagaries and environmental conditions. We have the expertise and the technical know-how to design and manufacture insulators ranging from 11V to 400 KV voltage class.

Our polymeric insulators also thoroughly tested and have the distinction of successfully performing as per the rated capacity even in the toughest of environmental conditions of heavy pollution.

Skipper’s advanced Polymeric Insulators are engineered to perfection and are designed to deliver top quality performance, consistently.

Polymeric Insulators offer significant advantages over similar products available in the market. They are flame resistant, arc resistant, vandal proof and are inert to chemicals & UV rays. They also have high intrinsic tensile strength because of which they find application in various industries.

Salient Features of Polymeric Insulators:
  • Designed to perform exceptionally well under extremely polluted conditions without interruptions.
  • A unique self-cleansing property makes it possible to deliver uninterrupted performance and obliterates the need for washing.
  • Easy and quick installation because of it light weight features. It is in fact 30 to 50 percent lighter than ceramic insulators
  • Completely maintenance free as there is no flash over.
  • High degree of resistance to breakage and is vandal resistant.
  • Less environmentally obtrusive because of its low profile.
  • Superior anti-tracking and hydrophobic property.
  • Excellent mechanical characteristics.
  • UV Resistant and Track resistant.
  • Comes with a range of end fitting and substrates.
  • Excellent performance when compared to Ceramic Insulators

Skipper uses its rich experience in the field of heat shrinkable technology to deliver a series of practical benefits to our valued clients. The state-of-the-art CNC Injection Molding machine, latest tools and facilities such as hydraulic crimping,

UTM Machine are used for menufacturing and a high voltage test source is used to make sure that the Polymeric Insulators performs under tough operating conditions.

Skipper products have been approved by CRPI India and

HIVOTEK Nigeria and are made in accordance with IEC 61109. The product range for 11KV and 33KV works perfectly for both Pin and Suspension type Insulators.


The uniquely designed Skipper Polymeric Insulators meet rigorous electrical and mechanical specifications. Skipper ensures adequate creepage and maintain high quality standards by using the finest raw material that include silicon rubber, FRP rods and end fittings. Our customers value the creepage

distance provided in our Polymeric Insulators that is unique to our product and clearly our USP. It makes the insulators ready for delivering the best performance even in the most challenging environmental conditions.

Skipper make Polymeric Insulators are highly superior and moreover,

the benefits of flawless performance in challenging conditions will even drive you to make a transition from traditional ceramic insulators to the advanced Polymeric Insulators with cutting edge technology in this performance-oriented world.