Potential Transformer

The outdoor type 25kV Potential Transformer (PT) finds application in Railway traction system at unattended/ attended traction sub stations/ switching stations for operation of protecting devices, metering and indicating devices. It fully complies with RDSO specification number TI/ SPC/ PSI/ PTs/0990.

The potential transformersareof hermetically sealed construction and are suitable for upright mounting on steel structures. The potential transformers designed by Skipper are suitable for withstanding forces corresponding to seismic acceleration equivalent to 0.1g. Potential transformers are provided with unthreaded stud/ flat terminals made oftinned copper placed at the top for connections to consumer’s 110 kV bus.The PT secondary is provided with disconnecting type links and necessaryfuses either in the secondary terminal box or in a separate junction box.

The design and construction of potential transformers is suitable to withstand thermal and mechanical stresses that they may be subjected to while in service. The corelamination is made up of high grade steel or equivalent alloy complying to IS3024-1996 . The exciting current is kept as low as possible and the potentialtransformer is capable of maintaining its ratedaccuracy for burdens and saturation limits as the case may be. The secondary terminals are brought out in a weather-proof terminal box which is provided with glands suitable for 2 nos. 1100 V grade, steel wire, armoured, PVC sheathed multicore, 2.5/4sq.mm cables. Secondary fuses are provided for the potential transformer, housed in terminal box.

All ferrous parts exposed to atmosphere including the main tank, secondary terminalbox & top metallic parts are hot dip galvanized to provide adequate protection against rusting when the product is placed in harsh atmospheric environment.

The potential transformers manufactured by Skipper as per RDSO specification are manufactured with utmost care in material procurement and production processes so as to ensure accuracy as per the relevant clause of IS : 3156-1992.