Vacuum Circuit Breaker

11kV Indoor Vacuum Circuit Breakers

Skipper designs and manufactures Vacuum Circuit Breakers (VCB) of series SG1V1 (HUNK). These VCBs are draw-out type, rated for voltage

level upto 12kV and for a current of upto 2000A finding application in Indoor Switchgear Panels. The product conforms with

IEC62271-100 standard and has become the optimal choice for control and protection in MV Transmission and Distribution Systems.


The rails for the breaker are assembled in the cubicle/breaker compartment to allow easier operation. This design also provides sufficient

space to access the power cable termination and easy maintenance. The enclosure of the switchgear is made of high quality

steel plates connected with fasteners. The cubicle is divided into 4 compartments viz. circuit breaker, busbar, cable and low voltage compartment.


The Circuit Breaker Compartment is located at the front of the cubicle. Rails are provided on both sides of the compartment for the breaker to move from test to service positions. Bushing spouts and protective metallic shutters are provided in the breaker compartment.

. The shutters open automatically when the breaker moves from the test position to the service position. The protective shutters cover the fixed contacts when the breaker moves from service position to test position, thereby protecting personnel from coming in contact with the live parts.

The rack in/rack out operation of the breaker can be carried out with the door of the cubicle closed. The position of the breaker truck can be viewed through the window on the door.


Located on the upper rear part of the cabinet the Busbar is compartment.  The bushings installed on the partition

not only support the main busbar but also prevent fault from spreading to the adjacent cubicle.

Branched busbar can be connected to the main busbar and the bushing spout with bolts.


The lower rear part of the cubicle is cable compartment in which current transformer, earthing switch and arresters can be installed. With the rear cover plate removed, the operator can access the cubicle to install cables.

1 or 3 cables can be connected to the terminal in parallel at the same time. The height of the cable terminals can reach upto 680mm. At the bottom of the compartment is a removable

steel plate as well as cable clips and seal rings with variable radius. In addition, heaters are set in both truck compartment and cable compartment to prevent condensation of moisture in humid atmosphere.


Low Voltage compartment is at the upper front of the cubicle.

Secondary instruments such as measuring instruments, switches, buttons and relays etc.

can be installed as per requirement of customer.



There are fixed earthing contacts on both sides of the truck compartment. In addition, there are moveable earthing contacts as well on both sides of the truck to ensure that the truck is earthed properly from the test position to the service position. The earthing resistance is less than 300 µW.

VCB table

12 kV Outdoor

Outdoor Porcelain Clad Circuit Vacuum Breakers (PCVCB) from SKIPPER are the first choice of industry leaders in the power distribution sector, both in India and overseas. We manufacture an array of technically perfect porcelain clad VCB which deliver hassle free and smooth performance

because of their high technical competence and simple assembly.

The spring operated triple pole circuit VCBs are fitted with extremely durable Vacuum Interrupters. The manufacturing is done under controlled conditions of safety , quality and conforms to IEC and IS standards.

The advanced design makes it possible to connect them directly to overhead supply lines. We make sure that our PCVCB performs at optimum levels mechanically and electrically by having fewer moving parts. Our precise manufacturing skills and cutting edge technology ensures low drive energy, light weight construction and shock free long term performance.


SKIPPER PCVCB switchgears are capable of handling all switching tasks associated with primary distribution systems. They are the preferred VCBs for their industry friendly features such as rapid auto re-closing, minimum space requirement and high durability. They are easy to operate, light weight, have low vibration and high temperature sustainability.


The PCVCB consists of 4 parts: Interrupting Chamber, Supporting Chamber, Drive Chamber and Operating Mechanism Chamber.


It consists of Vacuum Interrupter enclosed in a porcelain insulator. The Interrupter fixed contact is connected to the top terminal and moving contact is connected to the bottom terminal using flexible copper.


It houses the porcelain support insulator which supports the interruption chamber. It consists of a drive insulator which separates the live part connected to the moving stem at one end while the other end is connected to the drive chamber.


The drive is connected to all the three poles resting on the top side through the drive rod. On the bottom side it is connected to the mechanism. Mechanism energy is distributed equally and concurrently to all the three phases.


The chamber has a mechanism that is motor wound, spring operated and trip free. The closed spring gets fully charged in less than 15 seconds. The operating handle can be used for manual charging. All the operative devices are easily accessible and allow for both AC and DC operations on standard voltage.

The special features specific to SKIPPER PCVCB are:

  • Completely restrike free operation
  • Low contact erosion
  • Completely maintenance free
  • Easy installation & Simple design


  • Weather proof construction
  • Minimum moving parts ensure longer durability
  • Advanced trip free mechanism
  • Latest technology ensures extended life
  • High electrical/mechanical life
  • IEC-62271/IS-13118 compliant
  • Low linkage mechanism provides greater reliability