Skipper Announces the Successful Completion of 33/11kV Substations along with Associated Distribution Lines in Kenya’s Western Region.

The EPC team of Skipper has successfully constructed 33/11kV Substations along with associated Distribution lines in Kenya’s Western region. The project scope comprises of 33/11 KV substations with 1X7.5 MVA Transformer and associated lines:

  1. Endebess with Remote end Kitale and Lines (44 Km)
  2. Sirisia with remote end Sikata and Webyue and Lines (30 Km)
  3. Moiben with Remote end Rivatex and Lines ( 25 Km)
  4. Ortum with Remote end Kapenguria and Lines (58 Km)
  5. Kapsowar with Remote end Iten and ADSS (40 Km)

Skipper India has supplied 5X 7.5 MVA Power Transformers, suitable to cater industrial purpose electricity supply. The substations are now under the operation of Kenya Power & Lighting Company. Because electricity is currently scheduled throughout Kenya, many Kenyans have waited years for electricity to be made available to them and for extended hours.
Now completed, this project will play a key role in enhancing the electricity access to both domestic and industrial consumers living in western region of Kenya.
The state of art SCADA system for protection and OPGW Telecommunication supports the Auto-reclosure of Circuit Breakers for most reliable and uninterrupted power supply.
We would like to thank the Skipper project team for successfully handing over the project to the owner M/s KPLC to their full satisfaction.